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Do you know a YouTuber looking for a network? Do you want to recommend us? Do you want to freely manage your time? Then our referral program is just the right thing for you. We are constantly looking for new content creators that we can support with our expertise, which is why we are offering you the chance to work with us and become part of our network. How does it work? If a new partner signs with us due to your referral, you receive a payment based on the amount of monthly views the channel has. What do you have to do? Contact people – it is as easy as it sounds. Many YouTubers do not know about the advantages of PixelLab Network. It is your job to tell them about us, tell them what the advantages of joining us are or simply put us in touch.


As we are always looking for new partners, we established our referral program. Your job consists of initiating contact between potential partners and us and convincing them to sign with us. We will take care of the contract, support and everything else.


You will receive payments for your referral two months after the channel has signed with us. It is important that the majority of the videos on the channel are monetized. Should the channel leave our network before the two month period is over, you will not receive your bonus. Information about the amount you receive can be gathered from the pricing table and the payment can be transferred to a PayPal or a bank account.

Pricing Table

The pricing table creates a fair basis for remuneration within our referral program. Please note that these figures are only indicative of the amount you will receive and assume that most of the videos on the channel are monetized.

Pricing Table


> 100,000

50,000 – 100,000

20,000 – 50,000

10,000 – 20,000






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