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Life without music is unimaginable for us. That is why we want to offer musicians the chance to fulfill their dreams and get on the stages that they want to perform on. We founded PixelLab Records to allow them to reach their personal goals. Our aim is to boost the careers of our artists to a new level and give them the support that they need. We attach particular importance to the individuality of each of our musicians and this conviction strongly influences our support efforts.


We are tirelessly working on expanding our services in order to offer our partners the best possible support. So don’t hesitate and become a part of PixelLab Records!


We value high quality, professionally produced recordings, which is why we only cooperate with selected studios and producers. Additionally, we also offer cover shoots, booklets and even music videos.

Full Control

Our artists are important to us. That is why they retain full control over their projects and are awarded the maximum amount of creative freedom. Should the need for assistance arise, we are ready to help in any way possible.


Our contracts are just as flexible as we are. They are valid until the next album is released and can be extended afterwards.


It is important to us that our artists can focus on what really matters. Therefore we take care of everything else, including distribution. Our musician’s music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Google Music and, of course, CD and vinyl.

Live performances

Live performances are a fantastic tool to build a close relationship with your fan base. Our partnerships with large concert agencies enable us to give our artists the chance to perform on stage, be it concerts, tours or and festival performances.


As success is not only based on an artist’s skill but also on good marketing, we strive to provide the best promotional tools possible. Our cooperation with successful marketing agencies enables us to fully realize the potential of every release, be it a single or a new album.


PixelLab Records has its roots in our business on YouTube, which is why networking between artists is something that comes to us naturally. We use this expertise to connect artists within our label and beyond.


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